Advertising is the main way to make a product or service known to consumers, as well as to encourage their purchase, consumption or use; But to achieve this, it is not enough to simply advertise, but it is necessary to make good use of it.

Here are some tips on using advertising:

Identify and analyze your target audience

Not all publics have access to the same advertising media, nor do they react equally to the same message, so in defining and getting to know the target audience (the specific audience to which advertising will be directed), it is possible to make better decisions regarding To advertising.
Before advertising or launching an advertising campaign, identify and analyze your target audience well, find out what media you use the most, at what time you use them the most, what you value most about your products or services, and all the information about them that you Allows you to effectively design your media, messages and other advertising strategies.

Advertise quality

Good quality advertising projects the image of a thriving business or business, while poor quality advertising projects the image of a poor and austere business or business.

It always seeks that your publicity is of good quality, which does not necessarily mean that it is expensive, but that independently of the means that you use, the elements that conform it are of good quality; For example, make sure your website has a professional design, that your brochures are made of good material, and that your written ads have an impeccable wording.

Be honest with what you offer

When a customer fails to receive what was promised through advertising, he not only ceases to be a client of the company who has not fulfilled his promise, but also begins to speak ill of it, and may even choose to denounce it Before the authorities.

Before offering something through advertising, make sure that you really count on it or that you will be able to fulfill it, that you will be able to produce enough to be able to attend to the possible demand that it generates, and that you can do it from a Constant mode.

Advertise at the right time

Consider that consumers have different habits and customs, there will be times when an advertising message will reach them or it will impact more, and others in that it will practically have no effect on them.

Find the right time to advertise or launch an advertising campaign; For example, if you advertise on the radio do it in the hours when your target audience hears more, or if you are handing out flyers do it at the times when your target audience transit more around the area where you are going to distribute.

Advertise constantly

out site For advertising to have the expected results, it is not enough to advertise or launch an advertising campaign once and then forget about it, but it is necessary to remind them of the products or services to consumers and persuade them to buy or buy them constantly .

As data, it is estimated that in order to record a message in the consumer’s mind, the consumer must listen or read three times alternately in different media, for a period of at least a week.

Prioritize images

Advertising goes mostly through the eyes, so the more images you have an advertisement and the more attractive they are, the more it will catch your eye and the more effect it will have on consumers.

As data, according to studies of perception, what is most striking in terms of advertising, are images with positive messages and are made up of photographs rather than drawings.

Build confidence

With so many products and services offered in the market, and so many bad experiences with them, today’s consumers don´t  buy or buy a product or service if they don´t have confidence in the company that provides them.

readme In order to generate trust, you include testimonials from satisfied customers, a list of your main customers (especially if they are known customers), a list of your suppliers (if they are recognized suppliers), and certificates that guarantee and give faith Of the quality of your products or services such as ISO certificates.

Use an advertising slogan

Having an advertising slogan allows to highlight an important characteristic of the product or service offered (for example, in the motto “lowest prices always”, consumers are told that prices are the lowest in the market, and that they will remain) , At the same time, capture the consumers that exclusively look for this characteristic.

Whenever possible create and include an advertising slogan in your advertising, which should be short, clear, original and ingenious, and relate your product or service.

canada goose Whenever possible create and include an advertising slogan in your advertising, which should be short, clear, original and ingenious, and relate your product or service with some feature, attribute or benefit that you want to highlight.

Test and evaluate multiple times

When a business decides to advertise, most of the ads or advertising media it uses will most likely not have any results, and you’ll have to try out multiple ads on different media before you find a combination that really works.

When you start advertising consider and try and evaluate again and again different advertising strategies until you find the right one. don´t stay stuck in the first strategy you use, but try several until you find the one that generates the best performance.

Start small

Keeping in mind that when you start advertising, most of the ads or media used will not have a greater response on consumers, it is advisable to start on a small scale before doing it in large.

Start with a small budget until you find the advertisement or medium that generates enough income to justify the costs; For example, if you are thinking of publishing an ad in an important newspaper, start by publishing it in a neighborhood publication so that you can measure its effectiveness before.

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