Entrepreneurship is hard and risky. A path full of obstacles that you must identify to carry out your business. We recently pointed out 14 tips for being a good entrepreneur. Below, we list 12 aspects that, on the contrary, can ruin an entrepreneurial project.



1. Demotivation. So much effort and dedication and that do not bear fruit can lead to the feeling of frustration. You can always try to be back in the state of success that you were or try to always improve and not to fall. That does not mean that your friends, colleagues or relatives say to you: “cheer up”, which is the word that least serves the world; But for yourself to come forth with some resilience.

2. Not clear ideas. Always have clear, measurable and achievable goals, as well as knowing how far we can go and also if something is going well or is not working. Be aware and know what to do in each moment, first by thinking and then acting.

3. Do not know the target audience. Certainly, something fundamental for any type of business is the knowledge of the target audience. Without this marketing factor, we can not know who we are targeting or explain their behaviors when it comes to monetizing our marketing, advertising or promotion actions. You have to be clear from the beginning.

4. Ignore the market and not keep up with trends. It is necessary to be aware of the market news we are in, as well as the general trends. An enterprising person should be aware of what surrounds him and affects both his company and his environment (customers, partners, etc.).

5. Do not admit any errors. We can be wrong; In fact it is normal throughout the working life to make mistakes. We are human, and we are all mistaken, but of these, we must learn to identify them, admit them and finally learn from them. This process is good not to repeat it more often, or not to happen frequently.

“Lack of leadership”

6. Not knowing how to lead a project. A good entrepreneur also has to know how to lead his project once it has become a company. It will have to be ingeniárselas to lead both the company, and coordinate the different tasks that require the day to day of your business.

7. Null Empathy. If we fall into the misunderstanding of our customers, suppliers, and our workers, we can not achieve success. We must know how to put ourselves in their shoes, understand them, listen to them, so that there is a fluid communication and a better understanding.

8. Distraction. If we get distracted and do not have the right planning, we will not do the right day-to-day tasks and we will not achieve the goals. We must focus and be as efficient as possible while working effectively to get the best results in the shortest possible time.

9. Fall in the routine. We may fall into the day-to-day routine, but we must face it in the best way possible. We must try to enjoy what we like best and assume the tasks that we least like and that are necessary for management. Routine, seen as a negative aspect in terms of work, should be focused in a positive way.

10. Little innovation. Innovation is the essence of entrepreneurship. If we do not innovate, we can not develop new products and services, or improvements, nor will we be competitive.

11. Scarce knowledge of how to manage your business. There are times when it is not essential to know everything about entrepreneurship and learn from your own experience, but it is advisable to have the basic entrepreneurship skills to get a business going.

12. Do not measure or not know how to measure: ignorance of metrics and web analytics / RRSS. It is not the most important thing for an entrepreneur, but to date the online world, 2.0 and in any type of business, a web is fundamental for a business; The same happens with Social Networks. Related to both, we must know with the most accuracy the data on these two aspects.

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