In both life and work, mistakes are paid and for a company the price is to lose its best workers. If we consider that forming a good team requires a lot of effort and time, the loss of a key member is not a fact that should be underestimated as it can directly affect the success of our business. In addition, no professional leaves a project without reasons and when this occurs always have to reflect so that it does not happen again.

When a good worker is not happy he will always look for a new job and being a precious resource, he will always have interesting options in which to fulfill his aspirations. Solving these mistakes by betting on a company of enthusiastic members will prevent the team and its key members from going out.

We recommend you to know these 5 easy to avoid mistakes:

1. Low flexibility in schedules

If the worker is under pressure and feels distrust on the part of its bosses is a good reason to consider changing companies. Setting a strict schedule where there is no margin to attend personal questions, is the source of tensions that generate unnecessary stress. Introducing the use of new technologies will bring benefits and temporary flexibility, such as being able to work remotely from home or avoid traveling for meetings that keep the employee away from home.

Flexibility today is valued more for the new generations than even the wage income. Betting on a true reconciliation between work and personal life is possible, and is also a good method to persuade the good professional not to contemplate other streaming film Baywatch

2. Allowing mediocrity and not valuing achievements

When tolerating the low performance or lack of responsibility of one of the employees, a negative message is transmitted to the rest. It is advisable to review the merits and reward the achievements of those who stand out since to treat equally the brilliant and ineffective employee discourages the former. To thank the efforts or to recognize the successes does not cost money and it is a gesture of recognition that every worker values.

3. Not having emotional intelligence

To worry about those people who devote eight hours of their day to give the maximum for a project and just look at the results is a big mistake. It is necessary to know as much as possible to the members of the team, their skills, concerns or knowledge. Discover in the professional field what their aspirations are, what aspect they would like to develop or what their future ambitions are. In addition to attending personal appearance or needs is also the responsibility of a good leader.

4. Neglect the good atmosphere of the group

Creating a relaxed and reliable climate allows employees to develop naturally within the team feeling comfortable. Positive emotions impact on the good work of the teams and therefore on their performance. In addition, if the energy between colleagues and leader is positive, it will not matter if one day you need to stay in the office for example. This good atmosphere can be achieved by organizing fun activities that entertain professionals outside the office, having breakfast together to celebrate good news or encourage the use of helmets to listen to music with the benefits it brings to the minds of the workers.

5. The lack of communication

The workers value being able to participate in the decisions, to participate in the progress of the projects and to know the situation of the company in broad strokes. When sharing the problems and also the joys with all the members, the project feels common, increasing the responsibility of the professionals. It is a sign of trust that brings together and brings team identity.

In short, a company culture based on control and strict rules is a mistake that stifles talent. The best rule in the end is common sense and seek a balance between the responsibilities to achieve goals and flexibility in the results.

Creativity and innovation were never hand in hand with control and lack of confidence.

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