Among the usual recommendations that are made to professionals on how to look for work or how to advance in what they already have, is usually the work of personal brand. Personal branding is an element that needs work and that it is clear what you want and what you do not want to convey, as experts point out when they point out that it is not a diploma but rather a reflection of one’s identity in the professional world. The personal brand therefore requires that you dedicate time and effort, overlapping one to the risks and working on many different aspects that help shape how we show the world.

But all this work does not come from nothing and is not done at all: there are several reasons why personal branding is so important and necessary today. It could be said that the need to have a good personal brand has always existed, although it was not exactly spoken of. However, in the current context, certain reasons make monitoring and care much more important.

It is a general necessity

One of the mistakes that can be made when talking about personal branding and when you analyze who needs to worry about it is to think that this is an issue ‘for others’. In reality, the personal brand is something that every worker has to work, regardless of what sector is moving or in which scenario seeks work. It affects the top manager, for whom the personal brand is a kind of identity card, and the fellow, who can use it to stand out over other competitors. And, of course, the personal brand is not something that only matters to the executive segments. All professions have to monitor how the personal brand is created. After all, what is more than personal brand the reputation of a plumber or the chef of that restaurant?

It has become the first point of contact

Personal brand is the first point of contact that is established many times between companies and their potential workers. When companies are looking for talent and when they are trying to find those workers they need for their equipment, the personal brand of each becomes a sort of first filter element to establish with whom they want (and with whom not) to work . In a universe in which it sounds increasingly strange to send the resume and less to simply send the link to the LinkedIn profile, it is much more crucial to work in this field.

Social networks require more work …

In addition, it should not be forgotten that social networks have made this issue fundamental. Social networks make us somewhat more exposed and there is a kind of ‘irrigation’ of activity, of presence, that makes us aware of the impact it has on our image is more crucial.

… but also make it easier

But at the same time that social networks are complicating things, they are also making things easier. Setting up an image of an expert in an issue is much easier when you have a tool that creates a loudspeaker and also allows you to connect with those who have the same interests as us. Social networks make it possible to project that image that one needs to establish the personal brand that it wants to defend.

It will make it stand out from the crowd

And, after all, all this has a direct impact on what the professionals in the end are looking for, which is not to be one among many options but to stand out from the competition. The personal brand helps to excel and stand out and allows to become something differentiated. One is not just a lawyer, an executive or a plumber, it’s that lawyer, that executive or that concrete plumber. Establishing a strong personal brand enables us to secure our capabilities and values ​​in a more outstanding way than others.

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