When we talk about personal brand we don´t talk about a brand or a product. We are talking about a professional, a person.




Having a powerful personal brand has become a kind of need that professionals have to face in times of social networks and the connected world. It is no longer worth having a good resume, a good track record and knowing what to do, but also now it is necessary to know how to sell, have a solid brand image. All this has created a new area of ​​concern and work for professionals, who have to be positioning themselves all the time in the network and defending all the time their worth.

But building a good personal brand is not only important, it is also risky. As with all brand image constructions, not everything is cage in the process and it is more than likely that the professionals have to face some risks and some problems during it. The personal brand can create tension, stress and problems that the professional will have to solve and may even, in the long run, create certain problems that will work as a drag on the professional life of the worker.

What are the problems that professionals face in building their personal brand? We will identify the six major risks that professionals face during the process.

 Typecasting and be the only culprit

One of the problems faced by Hollywood actors, one of those that are often mentioned in the interviews and which usually work as one of the great fears that the actors have. The truth is that it is not just a problem for them and should not be a concern just for them. The typecasting is a burden for any professional in the times that run, now that brands are looking for more multitasking professionals and more interdisciplinary talents.

And the typecasting is something that can be done inadvertently when creating a personal brand, as recalled in the analysis, since when you start to build a brand is usually bet on a specific niche, which is the key that works as an introductory key to Market, which makes us stand out over others. But after a while, you run the risk of being limited to just that and being seen as just that. Therefore, for the personal brand to work and for it not to weigh one on certain occasions you have to be able to prove that it is versatile.

Not worrying well about the ROI of what is being done

Building a personal brand costs. It is a work similar to building a brand and establishing its characteristics and potential. To raise the brand and to establish its characteristics, it takes hours and hours of work, whether producing content, managing social networks or attending events and networking. Creating a personal brand is not something that can be done in five minutes. But this investment of time and effort is not the only important thing to keep in mind: you also have to analyze where you are leading. In other words, is all that work really profitable? Is it really spreading all the effort we’re doing? It may seem a bit depressing, but it is necessary to do so. You have to look at what results you are offering what you are doing and establish if it is really worth it. Maybe we have to change strategy.

Not be authentic

When talking about personal brand is not talking about a brand or a product. It is talking about a professional, a person. And people are expected to be real, to be authentic. As you recall in the analysis, one has to be oneself and has to, however, project those more positive things of oneself. That is the key. We must find our strengths and defend them and put them more in the window. However, that process has a risk. Maybe while we are highlighting all those strengths we are weighting our personal brand in a rather surprising way. We may be simply focusing so much on those strengths that we are overshadowing who we really are and making our personal brand less and less authentic.

You can not be more brand than person

When talking about personal branding two words are used and both are equally important. So important is to take care of the brand, as to remember that one is still a person. Or, as the expert points out, it is great for a journalist to comment with one of his readers on his articles on social networks, but that should never replace the interactions in person, the talk with the coffee.

Do not sell what you do not know how to do

And, in the midst of all this construction of the personal brand, of trying to stand out in the market, but without being therefore too limited to a terrain or scenario, the professional can face another problem. Perhaps in that attempt to reach more potential audiences and in that attempt to show itself as a professional with many facets is crossing certain lines that should not cross.

Show that you are a versatile professional is fine, but show that you can do things you really don´t know or should do is not. One of the risks for professionals when it comes to selling their personal brand is to try to position themselves in areas where they are not really an expert and should not be relevant. In short, one should not sell himself for what he does not know or can not do.

Attract negative publicity is not at all valuable

Well know brands: one of their main headaches and one of the things that take away the dream is to be dragged into a debacle of negative publicity. The same is true of personal brands. The worst thing that can happen to a professional is to become the epicenter of a controversy and an avalanche of negative comments, which will also become something much more dangerous, since it is very difficult to escape it. It will be on the internet forever, as pointed out in the analysis.
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