It is said that a motivated employee is much more efficient and efficient, and his productivity increases, because he works happier to feel committed to the company, However many businessmen and business owners underestimate the importance of providing good motivation to their employees And in the end this is reflected in the production and profits of the company.

Regardless of whether they are plant or freelance employees, to motivate them you must think beyond salaries, extra pay and economic incentives, the key to a good job motivation will be in creativity. At present there are other ways to motivate staff to feel at ease in their work position without the need for large economic investments.

Entrepreneurs or owners have different obligations, but simply by generating a pleasant working climate, recognizing the achievements or being flexible in the schedule you could see great changes of attitude in your workforce that will ensure the success of your company.

How to motivate employees in a company?
Here are some simple motivational techniques that will help you optimize the production of your company

# 1 Position indicated for Employee indicated
It is very important that every employee in your organization is actually in the position that best fits their professional skills and competencies. That’s why job manuals help you find the right people to fill that spot.

In fact, it has been proven that a person who is not qualified to perform the activities of a certain position, will surely be demotivated in a short time, production will decrease or results will not be as expected, this can culminate in economic losses for the company.

# 2 Involves all members of the organization
Schedule periodic meetings where you involve all your personnel so that you can jointly establish goals, objectives and even receive advice and suggestions regarding the product, service or processes that are carried out in the company.

It is very important that people are considered, the greatest benefit of all participants will be that employees will have greater commitment, motivation, effort and identification with the company. Doing these types of meetings causes the employee to feel taken into account, to understand that they have a voice within the organization, and to give you the opportunity to know the real situation that an employee lives on a day-to-day basis.

# 3 Teach Your Employees to Create a Life Plan
Few people have written a plan of their life, this is a very valuable tool in the sense of personal improvement, basically you do not have to invest much, it is about advising your employees on how to develop their life plan, which should Be linked to the objectives of both your work team and the company in general.

Big companies invest in courses where their employees develop not only work skills but technical skills that help them in daily life and cope with their problems, this causes the employee to be more loyal to the company. Which in the end will benefit directly in the rotation of your plate, avoiding processes of recruitment, selection and future contracting.

# 4 Create specific goals
Did you know that curiously in times of crisis, encouraging workers with long-term plans within the company has become one of the major motivations, the explanation is simple because it creates a stimulating feeling for people as it satisfies their need for security And stability.

For this reason, knowing that the company has them in the future and that can also move up positions within the organization chart serves as an incentive to put all their effort.

# 5 Establishes flexible policies
Several organizations have found that flexible work contributes to increased productivity, reduced costs for absenteeism, turnover or oversights, and creates happier and more committed employees.


Flexibility of schedules
Give them free days
Internal competitions that include coexistence with employees and family
Casual clothing on certain days
Tickets to the theater, cinema or recreation centers
One tip is that the more you know your employees and know your individual situation, this information will allow you to have more ideas on how to motivate your work team, giving them flexibility where they most appreciate it and adapt it to their personal needs, either in their Working hours, rest days, activities, reduced hours, etc.

Remember that as mentioned above, it is most important that you be creative when thinking about the motivation policies that work best for your team.

# 6 Provides an Optimal Workplace
The simple fact that your facilities are optimal in terms of spaces, work tools and work equipment, will provide greater well-being in automatic to each member of the organization, basically I mean that your employees feel comfortable doing their work and in general will be A good way to strengthen the structure of the company.

At this point in addition to considering the material, equipment and appropriate tools you can think of spaces of distraction and rest as well as in canteens necessary for a better working day. And it is that the simple fact of having a pen, rubber, calculator, a personal computer, the production machinery, to the proper functioning of the air conditioning, lighting or sanitary, generates greater satisfaction when it comes to Work and consequently there will be greater productivity.

Finally the biggest challenge when thinking about motivating your employees will be the degree of commitment you have with them and the ability to do it with a touch of creativity, innovation and willingness to make the organizational changes that are necessary to achieve it.

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