Learning to start a Startup is obviously starting to create your own business, keep in mind that goal of taking your idea to another level.Normally, in the entrepreneurial world those who start a new adventure, begin with arduous passion and dedication for their project, however, the lack of experience, as well as various factors, whether economic, social, among others, lead to Entrepreneur to give up on their goals.

So, if you want to start a startup correctly, I leave here a list of tips to follow to start your startup:

1. Listening to the Experience

First, one of the typical mistakes of entrepreneurs is the lack of communication, believing that their idea is unique and viable, so they should not share it with anyone else.

Learn from the voice of experience, share your ideas, but also listen to those who have already carried out various projects in the world of entrepreneurship.

2. Research on Success Stories

The success stories of entrepreneurs who did the impossible, are more abundant than you imagine.

Find out about blogs, biographies, documentaries, books, etc … about figures that have stood out in the world, those entrepreneurs who are figures today and its history is really amazing.

Here is a list of characters that might interest you:

-Steve Jobs (Apple, Pixar)
-Larry Page and Sergei Brin (Google)
-Bill Gates (Microsoft)
-Elon Musk (Tesla Motors, SpaceX)
-Richard Branson (Virgin Group)
-Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
-Howard Schultz (Starbucks)
-Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

3. Look for a Need or Problem

Most of the times, the entrepreneurs assume that their idea will solve the problem that they believe exists, however, it is very important that you validate or correctly identify the problem that you want to solve.

If a product or service idea is not targeted and properly addressed to a real problem, your customers will not take it seriously and possibly ignore it.

4. Find a Mentor

In our experience in the field of entrepreneurship, most entrepreneurs manage to go further when they bounce their ideas constantly, therefore, a mentor or several, have different points of opinion, which can add much value to the project.

An appropriate mentor will grow our idea, too, it is important that you do not forget to have friends who support you in your journey.

5. Take Any Opportunity to Learn

Remember that daily life is learning, so take advantage of any opportunity that is presented to improve your knowledge in the area where you want to develop your idea.

Do not forget, an entrepreneur always sees opportunities where others see problems.

6. Gives Something to Change

Always return something to your community, thank all those who have contributed something to your work and also motivate others to go further.

Support different organizations that relate to what you do, remember that there is nothing better than learning from those who are leaders.

7. Start Your Own Small Business

No one is born great, every project requires effort and dedication, so starting small is beneficial enough to gain experience and grow.

One Last Council

Finally keep in mind that the path of entrepreneurship is not easy, it requires effort, dedication and above all passion.

Remember that the great entrepreneurs began from scratch:

-Steve started Apple in his garage.
-Larry Page and Sergei Brin started Google as a thesis project.
-Jeff Bezos was selling books online.
–Ole Kirk was a humble carpenter.
Always keep moving, because you, like them, can make your life an incredible biography.

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