It is clear that not all entrepreneurs are the same, either by upbringing, education and way of seeing the world, but share characteristics such as being creative, disciplined, recursive and most importantly, be dreamers. Entrepreneur Mode brings you other characteristics of the entrepreneurs. You feel identified?


1. Entrepreneurs are afraid.

In the same way that we listen to the great artists say that they are afraid before going on stage, the entrepreneurs feel afraid before facing a risk but it is the fear of failure that makes us work without rest to get up as fast after Falling, not surrendering to adversity and seeking new alternatives.

2. Entrepreneurs adapt.

In the race to success we find new ideas to improve our product / service and also obstacles that make us rethink some possibilities, that is why evolving is indispensable, as well as adapting our business ideas according to market feedback.

3. Entrepreneurs are patient.

The main objective of building our own path is the need for independence, an independence we want for the rest of our lives. We must be aware that success is not going to happen overnight (unless something extraordinary happens!) And therefore we must be patient, dedicated and persevering.

4. Entrepreneurs are motivated by things bigger than money.

The engine of our search may be in several parts but we must be careful about what motivates us because it can ironically be our brake. It is clear that no one will work to be poor and that makes money become a goal, but what drives real entrepreneurs is to influence and be the solution to a problem!

You will not want to stop fighting as soon as you have a good income, the market is constantly evolving and the idea that at one point was a boom, at any moment can become obsolete.

5. Entrepreneurs know how to listen.

We are characterized by having a million ideas for everything, we prefer to ask for forgiveness before permission, we like to risk but above all things we listen. Many people before us have opened their own path and learn from their experiences will facilitate our journey. We should not let our ego get in the way of being criticized, on the contrary, we listen carefully and then analyze and evolve.

6. Entrepreneurs project safety.

At the moment of presenting our idea we must project absolute confidence, no matter that inside we are trembling. In the search for partners, members for the team or investors our security is the “ice-breaker”.

7. Entrepreneurs accept new challenges.

Faced with a challenge there are two options, accept or avoid it. What do you do? In your career as an entrepreneur you will not have an option to choose, if you want to achieve your goals you must face whatever gets in your way.

After recognizing that we are entrepreneurs trapped in employee corps, the most important thing is NEVER TO SURRENDER us.

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