There are times when you look like you work, but it’s not like this: procrastinates. No one observes and judges your work, it is easy to create hours or even days of unproductive work that evaporates only, even if you have the best intentions. That’s why we give you seven practical tips to escape from procrastination (spend time on unproductive tasks to not tackle the tasks we really have to do).


How to avoid it?

1. Take a break: “Relaxation plays an important role when we talk about productivity, but feeling guilty for relaxing, will shatter any chance of reaching the refreshing feeling that comes when you change the chip. It’s time to relax, relax, “Garcia says in his book.

2. Create a real deadline: “There are people who advise to establish a fictitious deadline, but here I think it should be exactly the opposite, since it is easy to give you an artificial extension of the deadline as well.” In the midst of procrastination against action, a deadline Try to do the opposite, if a customer expects something, there is no other option but to do it and your duty is to make it happen, “continues this productivity expert.

3. Change your environment: “Nothing changes your environment better than forcing yourself to be” on “by showing you in public to develop your professional capacity. I love to work in pajamas and try to ignore as many meetings, interviews and conferences as possible, but When I really want to do something that matters, I am facing the audience, out of my habitat, “continues this author.

4. Confront projects from a different angle: “Divide a project into several” next steps. “So instead of having” marketing campaign “on your to-do list, break the task into actionable steps.”

5. Match procrastination as a low-energy task list: “Create a” to-do “list of items you would like to complete for when you are not inspired enough to do the work that matters. Fun to do something when the rest doesn´t work, that way you will not lose track of productivity and don[t waste your time – completely Example: read industry magazines, see TED, read blogs related to your specialty, update your contacts In LinkedIn “.

6. Change the habit: “In what way do you often get distracted from doing your job? Facebook? Twitter? Whatsapp? Too much networking? Recognize patterns that distract you from completing your to-do list and do just the opposite of That habit, costs but it works, “he says in the book.

7. Start traction: “It’s up to you to make something happen.If a task has to be done, only you and no one else can do it, sorry to disappoint you, the neighbor or the fairy godmother will not appear.According to the law of movement Of Newton, you will need a force greater than your procrastination to move you to the next level. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of starting that blank page. “

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