In this article we will share 7 tips to reach our goals, differentiate ourselves from the competition and become the best option for our clients.

Step 1: Gain the trust of your customers
Today, with the vast amount of business in the world and considering that they all say basically the same, it is very difficult for customers to determine who is more competent and which can be trusted more when buying A product or a service.

So, if you have a business, your first concern should be how to gain the trust of your potential customers.

Your mission is to know your customers better than anyone, and it all starts with empathy.

You have to be able to identify and diagnose your problems, to connect with your pain, with your problem, on a deep and personal level.

For this, the information you provide and the services you offer must demonstrate that you have found the solution to your problems.

That is, your goal is for customers to feel that they are being shown how to solve their problems or get what they want.

Step 2: Create Your Marketing Vision
In business, it is basic to have a vision, a mission and a purpose. Having a vision means creating a reality in the imagination that has not yet materialized.

Remember the visionaries like Edison, Da Vinci, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs: brave people with clear ideas, resources and determination to transform these ideas into real and concrete goals.

In fact, we can all have a vision. In fact, without vision there is no change; And without change there is no growth.

So you need to visualize in your mind what your future will look like.

And to formulate your vision, you only have to ask these questions:

If your business was perfect someday, in the future

how would you define it?,
how would it be?,
how would you like it to be?,
what would your reputation be like?

Think of a powerful vision, something that you want for your market, not for your business.

I tell you this because the worst mistake that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs make is to think about their business rather than their market.

Step 3: Tell Your Personal Story
Everyone likes to hear great stories, and more if they are fascinating and inspiring stories. You, as an expert in your niche, have to be willing to open up to your market; To tell the world your own story; To talk about your dreams, your hopes, your frustrations, your mistakes, your falls, etc.

Step 4: Create predictable behavior
When you are an expert in your market, people feel a special connection with you, and part of this relationship is the creation of predictable behavior.

When you talk to your community – whether through your emails, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. – you create your own predictable communication behaviors.

So remember to communicate with your followers, you have to choose a communication platform, be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and talk with your own style, tone and voice.

Step 5: Create a unique community for your customers
We all know that one of the goals of a business and a brand is to achieve customer loyalty.

Fidelity allows you to maintain direct communication with them, send them relevant information, create your own community and generate brand value.

Customer loyalty is a process that must be built slowly and from a clear strategy.

What is intended is for the customer to remember your brand and be one of the first to come to mind when you think about making your purchase.

Having an exclusive community of potential customers allows you to treat them as VIPs, provide them with special treatment and accompany them to a higher level of service.

Step 6: Transform your customers into your brand ambassadors
When you get a list of ambassadors of your personal brand, or advocates, you actually get gold for your business.

Defenders will advertise for you among their family, friends and followers. They will talk about your services and your experience working with you. As you see, they are a very important force in spreading your viral marketing message.

Defenders are attracted to your services because their lives have changed thanks to the solution you have given them to solve their problems.

That’s why you should transform your customers into ambassadors for your personal brand.

According to a market study, the future of a business’s sales is directly related to the number of branded brand ambassadors it has.

Step 7: Learn from the best mentors
If you want to become an expert in your market, first learn from the best mentors that are where you want to go.

A mentor is a great help. As he has already traveled that way, he can help, support and advise you. It can give you indications that you could never find in the study materials, or you could discover for yourself, by trial or error.

The help of a mentor is invaluable.

Finally, remember this: if you want to get other results to those achieved so far, you can not continue doing the same thing you have done so far. It is imperative that you try different actions and work more in your mentality.

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