Maybe you are unemployed, you are not comfortable where you work for the work environment or because you do not like the role you play, or you feel that the time has come to become independent because you have managed to raise capital and you want to develop your own project.

Whatever your case, to open a business have to carry out certain basic things, and so this time we offer below 8 tips you should consider if you want to make a success of the business you decide to take:

Study your market

Is there really a need in the market for your product or service? Or, is your product or service so novel that you will have to create that need? If your capital allows you, hire a professional to conduct a market study. What you invest in it is not an expense, it is what will allow you to make the right decisions, that are truly directed to satisfy the needs of your market. Businesses that open their doors having done a good study of their market will always be much more likely to survive than those who don´t.

Contract correctly

click here No matter if you’re going to need one employee or 100, it is very important that in your interview you include work questions that allow you to discern whether the type of business you are about to undertake also passionate about your prospects, they don´t feel they will work only By the fact of making money, but because they are truly interested in collaborating with the work that you intend to carry out.

Predict by example

canada goose The best way to ask your employees to be honest and committed to the job is to show them that you are honest and committed to it. Form your work team being part of it, to recognize your leadership by what you do, not by what you say you can do. Giving orders is very easy, that your team executes them with pleasure and conviction, it is not so much.

Make some sacrifices

To achieve your first sales you may have to make some sacrifices, look to your friends and acquaintances as early prospects, although in many cases this is not enough, either because they are not many, or because they are not part of your target market. In these cases offer your product or service at cost or maybe even free if necessary, to let you know and to start forming a portfolio that will serve to win new customers.

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Be professional

celine handbags click here Are you a professional? You know you are, but do your customers and prospects perceive it? Take care of every detail, even the smallest. Looks like a pro. The presentation, both personal and your company is an extremely important factor and sometimes we don´t see it as such. Likewise, you have to be very careful with the communications that emanate from your company, that they have an impeccable spelling and absolute cleanliness in their presentation, that is, that they look as professional as you.

Never offer something you can not keep

This is one of the most frequent mistakes that companies make, especially in the beginning. In order to close the sale or get the contract, we say yes to the client to everything that comes to mind, without measuring the serious consequence that will result when we can not deliver. Bad references expand in the market much more easily than good ones. Don´t risk your reputation because later it is very difficult to claim it.

It invests time and concentration in developing a plan B

canada goose When you open a business there are many transcendental decisions that you have to take, and precisely because of the great importance they entail in many of those cases you will have to think about a plan B, that is to say that if as a result of a certain decision you expect something specific, What will you do if it is not given that way?


The persevere reaches, an old adage says and is a great truth. If you are wrong, learn and correct, if you criticize, take the good of such criticism and discard the rest, if you lose a client, look for two, if you drop a negotiation, investigate what the error was and don´t do it again. Always look for the positive of things, I assure you that they all have it, if you fall, get up and go on, never give up.

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