The 8 principles that a dynamic leader must master

A leader must possess a solid determination, have a very safe and reliable personality to be able to influence other people, motivating them to do their tasks efficiently to achieve the goals set goals in the organization. Having this ability distinguishes him from the rest and for this reason to recognize his work some principles […]

10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

The following is a list of 10 tips that will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

What mistakes should I avoid when creating a company?

In any field of our lives, the road to success is full of defeats, triumphs and learning, all necessary to acquire the knowledge that allows us to become experts.

10 common mistakes in customer service

Due mainly to a lack of training in the subject many companies often make mistakes with regard to customer service, which in some cases not only can mean that the customer desists of buying or decides not to do so, but Also that he decides to tell his bad experience to other consumers.

The 5 rules to succeed in business, and keep it.

Donald Trump used to say that success is harder to maintain than to achieve. And we must never forget that what brings us to the summit, is precisely what keeps us in it. This is a very basic principle that, as we explained in our article “The weight of success”, some people forget. The first […]

Thinking about starting a business? 10 Tips for before and during the journey

Most business ideas fail. That is a reality that must be taken into account. Once we know that, if our dream is to have our own business, we can not slow ourselves down because of the fear of failure. Failure in business is an option that is there, and success is another option. Enjoy the […]

9 Secrets To Start a business without dying while trying

Being an entrepreneur is something exciting, every day you live solving challenges, every day you improve some part of your business, every day are different, every day you live in a passionate adventure about your dreams.

7 habits that will make you lose your best employees

Losing a great employee is a terrible thing. There is an expense in finding, incorporating and training replacements. There is a lot of uncertainty about how a new employee will work and many difficulties arise in the staff while filling the position.

7 Essential Steps to Learn to Start a Startup

Learning to start a Startup is obviously starting to create your own business, keep in mind that goal of taking your idea to another level.

Design and management of services

In this article we will see that a service is any function that one part offers to another, is intangible and does NOT imply ownership over something.

What you should consider when starting a startup

Although you feel ready to start a new business, it is necessary to take into account some issues that you may not have on the radar.

The importance of the life cycle of a project in an organizational competitive environment

The increasing globalization and technification of business have generated great pressure to create new strategies that allow the development of methods and processes adaptable to new organizational environments.

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