Are you one of those who say “sell not give me”? “I prefer a thousand times that someone else does it for me instead of doing it myself,” and phrases like that? But be an entrepreneur or businessman, if you don´t know how to sell your business will fail.



Especially at the beginning, you may not have the resources to hire someone to do it for you, so you’ll probably have to do it yourself.

It’s amazing how many people find it difficult to sell. It will be because of the fear of rejection, “not knowing how to express myself correctly” or so many other blocks, if you want to succeed with your business, you will need to perfect that ability.

Just as you read it, it’s a skill. There may be people born with the innate ability to project a confidence that can convince anyone, and that they would be able to sell even a stone. But if you don´t think you were “born” with it, don´t worry. You will have to work, yes, but you have a solution.

And is that the subject of sales is so large that we could dedicate several articles so that nothing is left loose. So to start, now I bring you 6 tactics essential for a sale …

6 Essential tactics to achieve a sale

1. Know your client
Ask about it needs, your tastes, your preferences, listen and collect information that you will use in due course: when you send your proposal or quote, having another sales conversation, at the time of closing … Be polite and give him the necessary time To offer your services. The client will notice your genuine interest in knowing him and helping him solve his need, so don´t forget that for that you are in front of him at that moment.

2. When you speak to the client, take care of your body language
Look into his eyes. Pull your hands out of your pockets, move your hands, but don´t exaggerate. Scientifically it is proven that in a communication process 55% is body language, 28% the intonation with which you speak and only 17% the words you say. Do you realize, all you can say with just your body? And if you are confident that what you offer can help you improve your present situation, you will notice. The same is true: if what you offer is exactly what you need, if your body language does not support that message, it will reject you even if you were almost certain to buy.

3. Shows an interested attitude
When asking questions use a tone of voice that demonstrates not only your emotional state, but connection with it. If you are going through an uncomfortable situation try to separate it so that your client does not feel it as personal. It’s not to make you nervous, but at that moment your client is passing a kind of imaginary scanner and reacts according to the stimuli you give him. If you show interest and focus on it, it will help make you feel connected to you.

4. Difference between a sale for a man and for a woman
You can not reach them both in the same way. With the man, it is necessary to be concrete and with the woman extensive, of course without speaking other. In neuro sales, it is said that if it is a woman who sells a man, she should talk little, go straight to what the client needs. Women’s brains work differently from men: men often take into account very specific aspects of making a decision, while women need more “context,” they go into detail. So, keep this in mind when it comes to selling to a potential customer.

5. Provide correct information
Do not forget to provide information to help your client’s purchase decision, as the idea is not to make you feel silly for not having some kind of information. Make life easier. Many times, the person does not have 100% clear what he really needs, only what hurts him. Like when you go to the doctor: you can simply say “I hurt this or that” and based on that information the doctor gives you a diagnosis and the prescription you need to cure you. That’s your job as a salesperson.

6. If the sale was not closed …
If at that time did not close the sale, quiet. Not everything turns out as we would if we do things right. It’s part of life. So take the data, but keep in mind that the next time you communicate, you will not talk directly about a purchase decision or not. On the contrary, that subject does not mention it, at that moment. Do you remember that I told you to pay attention to everything I said? Send him some interesting information about that conversation that is of his interest. The idea is not to harass him, he is to render a service and that you offer: YOU.

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