There is always talk of segmenting your market and looking for your niches to ensure success in your business, however from experience I tell you that this part of the business model should also bring a feedback of your sales reports.

Ie if the market you You chose not to come to your website or local you must review your marketing strategies and messages, if the people who are currently buying belong to another niche or market you must quickly assess whether you should change to this market or simply add it to your market segments.

Having said the above let’s go to the point, a business must have different market niches and attack different each of them, so you must explain each one very well, first define your niches and markets by:

Geographic.- Your location and distance with reference to your business example:

– Local Business: Housewives who live 1.2 km around my business.

– Online Business: Cybernauts who live in the two main cities of the state.

Demographic.- Main characteristics to define your market, in this criterion you can support much of the reliable sources of research and statistics of your country. Example:

– Local Business: Women from 18 to 25 years of economic level Medium high and studies of medium and higher level.

– Online Business: Women Cybernauts between 18 and 25 years of economic level High and Medium High, with basic computer skills and owners of a credit card.

Psicográphic.- These are characteristics that will cost you a lot of work to look for official information but are the most important when you are making your advertising messages. Example:

– Local business: Small business owners with little staff and very little time.

– Online Business: Single men and women wanting to travel to Europe (Facebook here will help you a lot, practically makes you work).

Affinity.- Customers by criteria of affinity are usually clients of very small market niches but who are very constant and faithful in their purchases.

– Local Business: Workers of the offices and businesses of the same plate where you are located.

– Online Business: Like the language, design and even background music of your web page, here the affinity also translates into the recommendations and similarities that your business has with your friends in your market.


Previous clients.- This only applies to businesses already in operation and the main idea of ​​this criterion is to be able to recover lost customers and those of lower performance.

In the next post we will tune your market segment so that you have this topic well dominated for your business or project,

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