Nice2wrk adapt to any screen you are working with, if this is your desktop or you tablet or phone, it will fit !!



Fast was always something we chased at it to be, so if it is slow, it sure it not us 🙂movie Cars 3 download



You have many options, but we will guide you so you do not need to learn different tricks to enhance your workflows

Online Environment

Nice2work  working in an online environment, which allows real-time execution and supervision of tasks scheduled in a project. Through Nice2work, it is possible to share work plans for their execution and supervision, organize work teams, make modifications in real time, allocate project resources and maintain a direct online communication with your project team.

Nice2work helps you to communicate with your team, and to be more effective in your projects.

Working on real time

Nice2work offers you a practical and easy-to-use alternative to establishing real-time project management because it is a web-based platform.

Simplify the tasks

With Nice2work you can take complex projects and makes them simple for the people on your team.


A brief intro on your admin panel.

Primary menu

In this menu you can create all the content, just like tickets / tasks / Notifications / Informations.

You can edit your account on “resources” and see your team members.

As Well you can get help. Our user manual is very simple. You don’t need more effort to start using Nice2work.

Add Ticket, tastk, Notifications, or information  on Nice2work

When you like to create a ticket / task / Notification / Information, just click on the BIG PLUS sign in the top, or go to the Dashboard and on the list there is a button to add the option that you choice . Give it a title, than add comments, pictures, screenshots etc (drag and drop, or upload) , click on the green SAVE button in the editor and that it is.

To see all the ticket / task / Notification / Informationyou submitted, go to the Tab on the dashboard, select options, and take it from there

To see all the tickets/task YOU submitted, go to the Tickets Tab on the dashboard, select options, and take it from there

Manage all your team members

In this menu, you can see all the members of your team and observe their assignments and the status of each of them.

Just click on the member thay you choose and you´ll see every work, status, priority, and details of every task.


Easy menu

On this menu you can create news, tickets, works, task, information, assign a job, and more.

Just click on the button and see the following:

News:     Notifications, polls, news and more…
Tickets:  Tickets all request
Work:     Task my work
Task:      Task my work
Info:       Informationall info we can gather and like to save
Assign:  View all assingment

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