In the previous article, we saw how to make the vision of your company. Now we will see how to make the mission and the values ​​of it.




The Mission of your Company sets the path that you must follow and the strategies valid for your business, is basically the soul of your business.

Don´t confuse the Mission of a Company with its Vision
Confusing the Mission of a Company with the vision of it is one of the most common mistakes (and serious) committed by Entrepreneurs in the beginning of their business, it is important that before entering into the issue you mark the difference between one and other.

A quick way to break this error is knowing that the Vision of a Company must answer clearly and concisely the question of:

“What do we want to become?”
While the Mission of a Company as I have already told you above answers the most important question of your company and the reason for so much commitment and sacrifice that you put to your business:

“What is our reason for being?”
When I am undertaking the mission of a company
The Mission of a Company should serve to provide guidance and action to all areas and members of your company.

The Mission of a Company should serve as a motivation for all the members that work in it, many companies justify their great successes to have workers well identified with the Mission of the Company, that is to say that not only they put the T-shirt, but they adopt the Soul of the company.

When a company is clear about its mission, any customer, supplier or external person can identify that the company has a personality that obeys the mission.

The mission of a company will also serve as element an element of distinction against your direct competition.

The Characteristics of a Company’s Mission
Nothing is forbidden, nor is there a sacred mission manual or something, but many specialists and real businessmen agree that the mission of a company must meet the following characteristics so that it can fulfill all the benefits that I have described previously.

Be very clear so that all members of the organization can understand it without any confusion, regardless of the level of education of the worker.

It should not be too limited to lend itself to any confusion or misunderstandings of at least 1 line.

It should not be very extensive, the idea is that the mission can be read easily and quickly every day by members of the organization, so it is highly recommended not to exceed 4 rows.

How to do the Mission of a Company
As I said to develop the Mission of your Company you will have to answer the question What is our reason for being? And to answer that little question you will have to answer a series of questions but like:

– What is our business?
– What are we doing?
– What do we do?
– Who are our Customers?
– What are our Main Products or Services?
– What are Our Markets?
– What is Our Technology?
– What are our Values, Principles or Beliefs?
– What is Our Differentiation or Greater Competitive Advantage?
– What worries us about our community?
– What worries us about our workers?

Stay with your team of Entrepreneurs
If you have the great advantage of having a support team in your business, it is highly recommended that you call a meeting where everyone can answer the questions that I shared before and with the answers of all may arise a brainstorming to create your mission , Or if you prefer that each one write their version of the Mission of the Company and compare them to get the best or a mixture of all.

The most important thing about creating your Mission with your entire team is that you are sending them a very clear message that they are part of something big and that they are not just another employee, which is very powerful for loyalty in your company.

The Mission of a Company Updates
It is very important that every year you meet your main collaborators and analyze whether the mission of the company still defines or represents their soul as a business, if not, you have two jobs: update the mission and see why you deviated from the previous one.

How to Make Your Company Values

First of all, you must take into account that the values ​​of your company must be related to the identity of your company.

Answering these questions What do I want to achieve? Where do I want to be in the future? For whom? Will I expand my area of ​​action? It will help you to have a clearer idea about values.

It establishes the fundamental values ​​of your company between the management team and with the greatest participation of the workers possible. I recommend you make a list of 3 to 7 values.

Imagine your company in different situations in which the company can be and put what would be the behavior in each case. Once you have done that, define the degree of importance of the values ​​you put in the list above.

Once you have defined them, order them from major to minor importance and finally the values ​​that survive, will be those of your company and with what will be much clearer and easier to tint their vision and mission.

The Values ​​of Your Company Something more than a Simple Requirement
Now that you know how to do the Values ​​of a Company, it is important that you understand that not only are they for the identity of your company but are part of a long term strategic decision, are factors that will define the way the organization should live.

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