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Who has not happened to open a blog and only last the emotion two weeks? Surely, to many. At first you feel super motivated to publish content constantly, but suddenly the source of inspiration disappears and the whole blog ends.

The truth is that when this happens, a little frustration may arise, because even though you no longer know what to write, you would like to continue to do so and avoid at all costs that terrible feeling of failure.

If you want to keep your blog alive and not die trying, follow these tips:

Write about things you know

The first thing you should do before opening a blog, is to look for a topic of which you have knowledge. Only then can you feel comfortable and inspired with each article you write.

Mastering the subject is essential, because if you do not, you will be uninspired quickly.

Write about what you are passionate about

Passion is always a great incentive to do things well and steadily. Nothing that serves you to know about a subject, if you are not passionate, it is not the theme that you must develop.

When you write passionately, your readers can feel it in every line and thus be hooked to your content.

Plan your content

A blog is planning, not just a publication when you are in a good mood. If you do not work based on dates, it will be impossible for your readers to follow the step and of course, to create a link to what you do.

You need to set dates and times to do each publication, this way, readers will know when to enter your site to find new content. In addition, it 影梭 is necessary that you have a kind of “mattress of articles”, so you do not have to be every week thinking what you are going to write.

By having a “mattress”, you can take your time to think about new themes to create content.

Segment your blog in sections

Obviously, it will not always be possible for you to write the same type of content. When you take several publications, you can create different sections to group them, this way you will have a more orderly blog and it will be much easier to identify what the reader likes best.

If for example, you have a fashion blog, you can create sections like: shoes, wallets, clothes, accessories, etc. Variety is vital to grab the attention of more readers.

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Interact with your followers

The advantage of having a blog is that it allows you to have closeness to those who read to you. There is no doubt that it is nice to be able to read the comments of the readers goose canada, since it is the only way to motivate you to improve each article and keep writing.

When you do not know what to write about, you can ask your readers for suggestions. In this way, they will feel that they are an important part of your blog and their sense of belonging and loyalty will be strengthened. After all, for them you write, right?

Take note of your ideas

Ideas do not have time or date on the calendar to show up, they come in suddenly when you are taking a shower, or while you are waiting for the doctor to see you. So, get ready for when this happens !, get yourself a notebook and a pen.

This way, every time you come up with something you should write it down quickly and get to develop the idea at home. How many times have you come up with good ideas and forgotten them completely because you did not write them down? I bet so many times.

Spend the time you deserve

Keeping a blog alive is like caring for a plant, day by day you must water it with water to ensure it grows and live as long as it can. Before you watch TV or invest your time in doing superfluous things, think twice.

Remember that time is something that once lost, never recovered. Therefore, you should prioritize your blog, as each day lost, you move more and more away from your main goal: win a large audience. And the less people read to you, the less you will have to continue.

Tell us a little! What do you do to be consistent with your blog? How do you get inspired week after week?

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