In this article we want to share something very important to your company and it is part of the identity of your entire business. We refer to “How to Make the Vision of your Company” Most Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs know that both the Mission, the Vision and the Values ​​of a company are almost mandatory issues when creating a company. However very few are what these documents use to manage the direction of your company.


Never confuse Mission with Vision
Many people and even Entrepreneurs often confuse vision with the mission of a company. The simplest and quickest way to differentiate these two statements is by remembering that the mission responds to the question: “what is our reason for being?”, While the vision answers the question: “what do we want to become?”

Therefore the Vision of your company is the written statement of where the company is headed and where the company should arrive in a certain period of time, in other words the Vision is the future image of your business.

The question that can change everything in your business
As you can imagine once you have the Vision of your company, the decisions of your business become easier, since when you have doubts about whether something is good or not for your company, just answer the question? I’m taking me closer or I’m away from the vision of the company? Believe me that many times this simple question will make you completely change your marketing strategy or your processes.

Who should create the Vision of the company?
The Vision is usually created by the owner of the company and there is the first mistake, this statement must be created with all the partners, and your team work more important or close, the idea is for everyone to contribute To your ideas to create the vision because once this is ready, your ideas will become a commitment to meet a deadline, therefore it is a very good motivation for all who participated.

Those who did not participate should be read and explained each part of the Vision of your company so that they understand the reason for the decisions and also they can ask the question if their work is helping the company to reach the Vision.

But how exactly do you create the Vision?
To create the vision of your company, the first thing you have to do is answer the following questions with your team in the form of brainstorming so that everyone begins to give their opinions and ideas, put them on a blackboard or paper and form the answers to All the following questions:

Extra Note, when you are in the brainstorm, pay close attention to what your team says. It is very revealing to know your vision of your business.

– What is the desired image of our business?

– How will we be in the future?

– What will we do in the future?

– What activities will we develop in the future?

– What do we want to become?

– Where are we headed?

– What do we want to become?

– Where do we want to go?

– What are our desires or aspirations?

Examples of Vision

LG: Electronics company

* Vision: “LG Display creates the world you dream of with you..”

Toyota: Automotive Company

* Vision: “Since its foundation, Toyota has been using its Guiding Principles to produce reliable vehicles and sustainable development of society by employing innovative and high quality products and services.”

Procter & Gamble:

* Vision: “Be, and be recognized as, the best consumer products and services company in the world.”

We hope this article is useful for your company. Remember that you can also use Nice2work to manage your projects with your work team.

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