The following are some marketing strategies especially dedicated to small businesses that, for the most part, don´t require more investment, and which basically aim to help us retain our customers and / or capture a greater number of these.

Maintain communication with customers

A marketing strategy to retain customers is to maintain communication with them once they have bought us or made use of our services.

To do this, we must first seek to get your personal information, such as name, address, telephone, email and birthday, and point them in a database, and then use them to communicate with them, for example, to know if The product arrived in the agreed conditions, to congratulate them or to thank them for their purchase, to ask them how they are going with the product, or to greet them for some festivity.

By communicating with customers we constantly remind you of our brand or company, we make them feel important, we let them know that we care about them and eventually let them know about our new products and promotions.

Using incentives

Another strategy to retain customers, but also to attract more customers, is to use incentives or sales promotions.

For example, we could offer a discount to people who print a coupon published on our website and present it to us at the time of visit, give our main customers a membership card or VIP card with which they can access certain benefits Such as special discounts, or use of accumulated points cards, where customers accumulate points as they acquire our products or services, and then, by accumulating a certain amount of points, can be exchanged for other products.

Use testimonials

An effective strategy for attracting customers and having the characteristic of not implying costly ones, is to use testimonials.

To do this, first we must offer a good quality product or service, then ask our main customers to give us some testimony about the impression or satisfaction they have had of our product or service, and then publish their testimonies in some of the Advertising media that we use such as our brochures, our website and our print ads.

The more testimonies are and the more important or known the customers are to us, the better impression we will make.

Search for referrals

Another effective strategy for getting clients is to look for referrals, that is, to ensure that our clients recommend us and help other clients.

For this, we could offer our customers discounts on our products if they send us to other customers, give them coupons to give them to their acquaintances, with whom they can try our services for free, or simply ask them if they know someone else who You could also benefit from our product or service, and then ask them if they can give us their contact details so we can contact them.

Give away advertising articles

Another strategy to retain and attract customers is to give advertising items such as pens, key rings, caps, caps, T-shirts, etc. that have the logo or name of our brand or company.

These advertising articles could be given to all our customers or only some, for example, our main customers or those who meet a certain number of purchases.

The use of advertising articles allows us to be close to our customers, to remind them permanently our brand or company, and to draw the attention of potential customers different to who owns the article.

Use social networks

Finally, another effective strategy to retain and attract customers, especially if our target audience is made up of a young audience, is to make use of social networks.

The most common ways to take advantage of social networks are to create a company page on Facebook and open a Twitter account for business.

Both Facebook and Twitter allow us to attract followers, keep in touch with them, promote loyalty, promote our new products, communicate our new promotions, announce our upcoming events, and other advantages.

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