One of the most effective ways to combat the stress of today’s business world is the practice of meditation.

We can define meditation as the act of entering a mental state of tranquility, relaxation and abandonment, where there are no thoughts or, at least, these are very few, but where we are always aware.

The continuous practice of meditation allows us to combat stress, because it makes us more peaceful and serene, and makes us react better to moments of tension; But in addition to helping us with stress, there are many other benefits that meditation offers us, among which we can highlight:

-Greater energy both physical and mental, which in turn makes us feel better, with more energy and vitality.
-Greater access to intuitions, for example, that allow us to know the truth about something or what is the best decision to make.
-Greater optimism and less inclination to fall into negative emotions such as worry or fear.
-Greater confidence in oneself.
-Greater creativity, inspiration and clarity of thought.
-Greater memory, concentration and learning ability.

It is often thought that meditation is a difficult thing that is only reserved for people who have enough free time or who live in the mountains or in the countryside; However, the truth is that meditating is about something simple that any of us can do if we have the will for it.

First we must look for a quiet and quiet place to meditate. In reality, we can meditate anywhere, whether in our office, in a public transport vehicle, or even in the street when walking, but the more quiet and quiet the place we choose, the easier it will be to reassure our body and our Mind, and thus enter into a meditative state. Some places conducive to meditation could be a quiet and quiet room or a place in nature.

As for the right moment to meditate, we can also do it at any time of the day, but it is advisable to do it well early in the morning upon waking or, in any case, well into the night before bed, or during the evening, due to Which are moments where we usually feel more relaxed and relaxed.

Having found a suitable time and place for meditation, we must put ourselves in a comfortable position. As in the previous cases, we can meditate in any position we want, but the more comfortable our position, the more we can relax our body and thus our mind. A recommended posture is to sit cross-legged and collected, your back straight (so that we can breathe well), and with your thumb and forefinger together (so that it will catch our attention and thus help us stop our dialogue internal). It is not advisable to meditate while lying down because we run the risk of falling asleep.

After putting us in a comfortable position, we must close our eyes. It is also possible to meditate with the eyes open, for example, to focus our sight on something, but better results usually have with closed eyes, because this way we can relax and concentrate better.

After closing our eyes, we can begin by performing a few deep, slow breaths that help us relax, inhaling the air through the nose and exhaling through the mouth or even through the nose, and then continue to perform slow and deep breaths, although already Not with the initial intensity.

And after having done a few slow and deep breaths, we should try to avoid having thoughts, for which there are several techniques that can help us with this, which basically aim to focus our attention on something, and thus stop our internal dialogue; Among which we can highlight:

Focus our attention on our thoughts: as an aid to achieve this, we can observe how these arise and then how they fade away.
Focus our attention on our breathing: as an aid to achieve this, we can imagine inhaling energy and then exhaling our tensions or worries.
Focus our attention on a mantra or a sound: which can be a sound that we utter at the moment of exhaling (a common sound is “om”), or a sound that we hear in the distance.
Focus our sight on something: it can be a point on the wall or anything else. Better results will be if it is something that draws our attention enough.
Count down from 100, 50, 10, etc., to 0. As we use this technique over time it will be enough to count from 3 to 0 to relax.
Each person usually has a technique that has better results in it, so it is recommended that we try each one of the techniques one by one, until you find the best results in us, you can also combine several techniques in the same session of meditation, For example, start focusing our attention on our breathing, and then on a sound.

Also, for better results it is advisable to vary over time the technique used, for example, a time using the technique of breathing, and then when it no longer has the same effect on us, switch to the technique of listening to a sound. This considering that our body always ends up getting used to it, and a technique over time could stop having the same results that it presented at the beginning.

As for the frequency, duration and depth of meditation, the greater the frequency, duration and depth, the better results we will have. If we have to put a minimum, we could say that it is advisable to practice it at least once a day for five minutes.

Perhaps because of the fast pace in which we live, acquiring the discipline necessary to meditate seems difficult but impossible, but it is only a matter of having a little will and gradually go accustomed to their practice; For example, we can begin meditating for about 5 minutes, then go increasing the time to 10 minutes, then to 15, then to 30, etc .; Or begin by performing several shallow meditations during the day, for example, as we walk to some place, and then do a single meditation a day, but in a place, a moment and a posture.

The more we practice meditation, the easier it will be to enter into a meditative state the next time we try (and can eventually do so at any time, even in times of stress), we will stay longer in it, and reach deeper levels .

Finally, if it is difficult for us to acquire the discipline necessary to meditate or to obtain a meditative state, we can go to meditation centers or workshops that we will surely find in our locality, listen to guided meditation audios, or listen to relaxing audiences (for example, Sounds of nature or soft melodies) to help us reach our goal.

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