We all know that kind of people who are able to overcome obstacles regardless of their degree of difficulty, and that their decisions and actions often leave us a teaching for our life.




What do these people have differently from others who seem to be not advancing their lives? The answer is your mental discipline.

Those who triumph in life, and in every goal they set, are selective with the kind of thoughts they harbor in their mind. They are aware that more things are achieved with positive thinking, than in a negative way, so they are careful and demanding with the conversation they have in their mind.

Why is mental discipline important?

Because the reality that is lived is nothing more than the result of the thoughts that we have first in our mind. By making this clear, such people don´t allow circumstances to define their life (as with most), but rather the way they assume and interpret it.

If you want to develop a mental discipline, which allows you to control your thoughts to succeed in life, you must practice these 10 habits consciously:

1. Stop wasting time feeling bad for oneself

The most important asset you have is time. How are you investing? Whining, thinking of all that could be and was not? What do others have that you lack?

To develop a strong mindset, where circumstances don´t define your reality but the way you assume it, you must invest your time in positive activities and thoughts.

It is important to clarify that being positive does not mean that there are no negative thoughts, the difference is that you
don´t  allow them to control your life.

2. Maintain control and power of situations

Maintaining control, not allowing situations to take over you, having a cool head to decide rationally and see beyond the current moment is key to facing life.

Most people decide instantly, make “hot” decisions, and don´t measure their consequences. They simply want to reflect their feelings through decisions, which can work to hurt others, but not to advance in life.

Before making a decision, whether by intuition, think about the possible effects and what you want to achieve with it. While this is not easy; Like any other habit, maintaining control is a matter of discipline. So practice it daily with the simplest and easiest decisions you are taking.

3. Facing change as a mechanism of growth

Everything changes; The people, the situations that you live, your present, your partner, your economic situation, physical aspect, in short. To deny change is to refuse the natural process of life.

Don´t resist the inevitable, rather prepare yourself mentally to take it and get the most out of it. Change is an opportunity to experience new threats, opportunities and times in which you must measure and evaluate yourself.

The problem, or what happens with the change, is that people assume it as something negative that comes to alter their comfortable comfort zone. Nobody likes to change something with what they feel familiar.

As human beings we usually look for patterns and routines, and once we feel that this changes, we choose to become defensive and reject this new scenario.

Once we identify that it is normal (and safe), we usually adopt it. So before the next change in your life, have the mental discipline not to avoid it, but risk to get the most out of it.

4. Stop spending energy looking for reasons not to be happy

It seems we like to be sad. We have thousands of reasons to have a smile on our face, to thank, and yet we look for reasons to complain, to feel dissatisfied and to envy the lives of others.

When it comes to happiness, in life you have two possibilities:

Begin to thank the moments, details and simpler situations that you have that give you happiness, inner peace and tranquility or,
Look for reasons not to be, to find reasons that deepen that interior emptiness that you feel can only be filled with great moments of happiness …
That’s why there are so many people looking for that “happiness” in expensive experiences, luxury objects or imagining perfect scenarios that will never happen, sad people.

While there are only a few with enough mental discipline to thank from the coffee they take in the mornings to the opportunity to share with their loved ones.

5. That your words don´t seek to please others

We are full of people without judgment. Humans who don´t have the character to say what they feel, think; Lacking in frankness and full of fear to stand firm with their positions.

For them everything is good, everything is acceptable, there are no reviews, opinions, let alone something to improve. His personality is so weak that today you see them with a certain posture, and the next day, they have 180-degree turns simply to fit and not feel uncomfortable.

Remember that it is impossible to please everyone, there are more than 7 billion opinions and different criteria in this world, so avoid wearing and be firm with your principles. If you want to stop wanting to please everyone, the WikiHow portal suggests that you practice these 6 activities:

-Learn to say “no”.
-Ask for what you want.
-Do something for yourself.
-Examine your fears.
-Evaluate your limits.
-Stop basing your self-esteem on what you do for others.

6. Start taking risks based on potential gains

If you think that you are going to try, but most likely you lose, be sure that you already have a 90% chance of failure. The reality that you live is born in your thoughts, and if you start with this mentality, most likely that is what you will end up living.

If you think that January will be a difficult month for you, getting back to work on a Monday will be complicated after a weekend, your job is boring and you would like to be doing something else; You will most likely find all the justifications to be boring.

You unconsciously seek reasons to justify your thoughts. So choose very well what goes through your head.

As for risks, the same thing happens with positive thoughts, the fact that you think you can do it does not mean that you
don´t consider the negative scenario, but in which of the two you focus.

A positive, or risk-taking, vision is to understand that while some risks may not work, they end up leaving you an invaluable experience and an essential knowledge for a next try.

7. Learn from your mistakes without committing them several times

Mistakes are an invaluable source of knowledge, experience and even happiness (when we remember them and speak openly about them).

They may be difficult at first, but if we have the perspective and resilience to ask ourselves what life is trying to teach us, and above all we have a long-term vision to take them and incorporate them into our day to day life, we can make the most of them.
Now, we can not fall in love with mistakes or failures. It is common to listen to the success gurus telling us to make mistakes as often as necessary, “let us fail as if there was no tomorrow …”, and people using this philosophy to make the same mistake countless times.

You must have the mental discipline to question you if you are doing exactly the same thing that led you, in the past, to make a mistake. If so, correct the course, otherwise you will be like the vast majority who expect different results doing the same as the others.

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