Think of any profession or activity … in all, the competition is arduous and increasing. It seems to be a negative thing, but competition stimulates development.

If there were only one brand of auto insurance we would not witness the incredible advances of this industry. As happens in all markets.
This condition creates the need to separate from the competition. Targeting your target better, innovating, improving customer service, in short; Are a myriad of possibilities that exist to achieve it and not only in business, also as people.
This is why in different positions in a company we find people with better performance than others and leaders are no exception.

Do you want to be a better leader?

Let’s understand how to delegate as the activity in which a third party is trusted about an activity of which the delegator is ultimately responsible.

Know how to delegate separates professionals from amateurs, because it largely determines the productivity and , ensuring quality in the execution and fulfillment of the goals.

The following is the most important barriers facing leaders at the time of delegating and occur when the leader:

-Do the tasks more effectively than your group and you want things to be your way.

-It´s very busy and has no time to delegate properly.

-It´s afraid your group is inexperienced.

-It´s do not want to overload a group that already has enough responsibilities.

-It´s feel uncomfortable giving up control over the end result of the tasks.

-It´s fear that your delegates will perform very well and put their position at risk.

How do you avoid falling into these mistakes? If they do, most focus on the lack of confidence and confidence of the leader towards his work group, so the first thing is to make sure the delegates are trained to do the work.

If this is solved, follow the task of delegating of this 5 steps:


The leader must know how much time he will divide between tasks that require in-depth thinking and those that are more operational. With this in mind, you should analyze what tasks you can and should delegate.


The person who will be assigned to fulfill the task must be in capacity or demonstrate the potential to carry it out. It is important that apart from having the knowledge and the skill goose canada, it reflects confidence and FxPro initiative. In addition, it is vital to delegate the task in an organized and objective manner, to demonstrate to the delegate that the responsibility that is being assigned, is why it is important for the project.


Everything should be completely clear, confusions at this point can collapse the whole project. So it is important to define general and specific objectives and what is expected of each one. It establishes a schedule of reviews of the progress and procedures to be carried out.

Giving the delegate the confidence to ask the questions that are necessary opens a vital space for communication, which will result in both parties being satisfied and the task being put into action.


It is not just a matter of following the review schedule. The leader must manage a balance between the control and the flexibility that gives the delegate; It does not help to interfere 100% or leave the delegate to drift 100%.
According to the task, it is prudent to review the areas that have the most risks, finally, the leader is ultimately responsible.


Concise and positive feedback will strengthen the confidence of delegates. If the task was not fulfilled as expected, it is no use finding guilty, because the leader had to identify the flaws in the monitoring process, so one of the culprits is him.
Recognizing the effort of all and encouraging those who did best, build trust in a work group and as we saw before, trust is one of the biggest barriers to delegate.

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