Optimize your time. One of the most precious assets for anyone is time, therefore, you have to know how to get the most out of it. One of the most frustrating feelings is having many hours worked but having the feeling of not having used them enough.

There are many techniques to manage your time and be more productive, and for this, today we bring you some very basic guidelines that will help you achieve this goal.

Who does not find it familiar? You go out of work when it is night, tired and wanting to disconnect, but your head involuntarily begins to make a review of the day and, to your misfortune, you realize that you have not done everything you had planned Why? There can be many reasons, but surely the main thing is that you have not organized well and, therefore, you have not made the most of the time you had.

We explain how to avoid these situations through simple tips aimed at optimizing your time and know how to manage it. Let’s get started!

-Prioritize. Surely you are very clear which are the most urgent things and which are not. Leaving aside what is more enjoyable or what you like more, remember that you must have a very clear order of priorities that will prevent the hurry. Anticipation prevents stress and provides safety in the work environment.

-Set times. You don´t have to have an agenda if you don´t want to, or organize every day with your immovable timing, but you should fix some approximate times for each task. You can use an online calendar or some type of reminder so that you don´t pass the delivery dates. You have to learn to dedicate the planned time, as much as possible, to each activity.

If in some case you believe that the planned times don´t correspond with reality, modify them to act accordingly.

-Meetings. Meetings or meetings are important for team communication and general organization, but often take longer than necessary. Focus the points and give the information you need without exceeding the time you are willing to invest.

In addition, it is highly advisable to organize at strategic times that don´t “split” your work day; First, last, after or before eating …

-Mail and telephone. Unless your job is to answer emails and answer the phone, avoid hanging around all the time. This will only make you unable to concentrate on what you are working on and miss the thread of your tasks. Therefore, we recommend that – unless it is something urgent – you consult them only about 3 or 4 times throughout the day, for example every 2 hours. This ensures that you don´t pass anything but not wasting too much time on it.

Optimize your time

-Support to peers. It is very possible that during the day, a companion needs your help to confirm some information, clarify an information or any other doubt. In these situations, it is best to have a good time between the two when you are doing well – unless it is a specific question – for example “we look at you in 20 minutes” or “Are you doing well this afternoon in the first hour?”

-Be realistic. The day has 24 hours and your work day also has a limited time. That is why, if you see that the time you have does not correspond to what you need to finish everything, you can delegate tasks. If you have no one to delegate, try to pass this situation on to your superior. At the moment, you are not yet Superman!

-Respect your time away from work. Don ´t try to take work home because, that way, you will not disconnect and your return the next day will be harder and less productive. Try to keep this border well delimited and avoid, thus, overtime.

-In short, she lives. The most productive people are those who take care and enjoy life. Go outdoors at weekends, stay with your friends and family, enjoy your children, play sports, eat well and sleep what you need. Possibly, tell us that there is no time for everything, but we assure you that following these simple guidelines you will find time where before there was not.

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