As a project manager it is very common to think that we are responsible for all fake jerseys the actions of the team, and that when there is a very important meeting, fake jerseys as responsible for the project, we give all the explanations that the rest of the team would have to give at the meeting. The question is, are we really responsible for speaking for the rest of the team and giving some explanations without being the outsiders in the topic under discussion?

Leadership is a universal phenomenon; In fact, wherever there are people, there are leaders, and there are also various leadership styles involved (paternalistic, transformational, and transactional); Let’s focus on paternalistic leadership. In its roots, paternalistic leadership fake jerseys refers to a hierarchical relationship in which the leader takes personal interests over the professional and personal life of fake jerseys the work team in a manner similar to how a parent does, fake jerseys and expects loyalty and fake jerseys respect as a response. Considering some of the characteristics of paternalistic leadership mentioned below, we will focus on understanding fake jerseys leadership behavior and how to make some changes to be a better leader and have greater success in project management:

-Believing that employees are more like their children and it is necessary to give them some guidance.
-Do not delegate responsibilities.
-Be friendly, attentive and helpful.
-He thinks only he / she is right and they are suspicious.

We often get confused about the meaning of some of the skills project managers must have to be good leaders, but being a good leader does not mean that we are the only ones who can answer all the project questions. So the question is: how true is this? We must know fake jerseys the current situation of the project and be in context so  that the rest of the team can participate and speak at the meetings when it is necessary to clarify doubts, eliminate assumptions and generate new agreements with stakeholders in the project, Who asks the questions is the client or the sponsor of the project.

The responsibility is like a task that can be delegated in the work plan in such a way that the resource assigned to the task incurs a DUTY to fulfill the requirement of the assignment; Then why should the project manager fake jerseys give all explanations rather than the resource assigned to the task in question? Who in fact they are the experts in subjects of the task in question. The key to doing this is DELEGATE.

In simple terms, delegate consist of having the ability to assign responsibility to a specific person, fake jerseys at the right fake jerseys time and in the right way. Jon Warner says that in the context of time management, anyone fake jerseys has the opportunity to delegate, for the boss or the director to delegate is something easy, but also any worker can delegate. Punctually, delegating means sharing the work of responsibility. People can exchange homework and fake jerseys help each other to reduce workload, but fake jerseys it is also possible to use this delegation when two people can do the task faster and more efficiently than one. fake jerseys Most people delegate or share manual tasks, fake jerseys but they do not know how to apply the same choice in their daily tasks within the job. The following fake jerseys points are part of the preparation fake jerseys effort to have a successful delegation:

-Carefully analyze priorities.
-Verify that it can be done by the rest of the team or that you can help others.
-Think well who can really help you: are they available to do it, have the skills, are you interested in participating?
-Have a meeting with the team and discuss what they can do.

Brian Tracy defines: “Good delegation is given when one makes sure that the fake jerseys other person will do the job with the right quality at the right time. Therefore, your ability to delegate is the key to optimizing your own resources and multiplying the value you have in your work team or fake jerseys in the company, because when delegating, it will allow you fake jerseys to fake jerseys manage rather than execute. “

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