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Let’s see below what are the requirements that a company must meet to be competitive, that is, to have a competitive or avant-garde position in the market.

Constant innovation

Today, the life cycle of a product is very short, so it is necessary to innovate and constantly launch new products to the market.

Launching a new product, does not necessarily mean having to create a brand new one, but to the product we already have, we can add new improvements, new features, new features, new utilities canada goose, new attributes, new benefits; For example, we can launch our old product, but with a new design, a new packaging, a new label, etc.

We must not only innovate in new products, but also in everything related to it, for example, by changing the design of our brand logo, launching new offers, new promotions, providing new additional services, etc.

We must always keep in constant innovation and change, even if everything seems to be going well, we must know that consumers always end up leaving behind the repetitive, and looking for the new.

Always be attentive to the market

We must always be attentive to everything that happens in the market, as well as always try to anticipate its possible changes.

For example, we must be attentive to new business opportunities, new needs, new preferences, new tastes, new trends, new fashions, new technologies, competitive movements, new strategies, etc. .

And then, adapt quickly to changes, react quickly to problems or threats, and seize opportunities.

Know our customers well

We must always try to know our customers well, to know their needs, preferences, tastes, habits, desires, expectations, etc.

We must try to decipher why they prefer us instead of the competition, and also, what they do not like about us or consider it wrong.

For this we can make small surveys, for example, putting a suggestion box; Make informal small interviews by way of conversation, for example, at the time of attending, or delivering the products to them; Or create databases goose canada, where we can know the preferences or habits of each.

In this way, by knowing our customers well, we can offer them a personalized treatment, offer them products according to their specific needs or preferences, create offers that are up to them, etc.

And, on the other hand, to know in what we must improve, what we must change, that we must avoid or remove.

Search for differentiation

We must always try to offer a differentiation, that is, to offer something that our competitors do not offer.

This differentiation must be something new, something that allows us to distinguish ourselves from others, and is the reason why consumers choose us instead of competition, and by which they return to consume our products or come back to visit us.

For example, our differentiation can be in providing an excellent service, providing an extra service, offering a personalized treatment, offering an extra benefit in the product, etc.

Seek Competitive Advantage

We must always seek and take advantage of the competitive advantages that we can have, that is, the advantages that we have before our competitors in some aspect of the business.

For example, our competitive advantage can be our excellent customer service, our low costs, speed of care, a pleasant environment, our infrastructure, our location, our distribution, etc.

We must always seek new advantages before our competition, and make the most of them.

Practice Total Quality

Not only must our products be of good quality (having features that meet consumer expectations), but quality must be present in all aspects of the business, for example, workers (who are competent and well qualified) , In our raw materials or inputs, in our processes, in our advertising, in customer service.

Likewise, we must sow a culture of commitment to quality, where all our workers practice it and are always eager to see how to improve it.

Provide good customer service

Nowadays, due to high competition, consumers are becoming more demanding, and what they are looking for is not only price and quality, but also, good attention, a personalized service, a pleasant atmosphere, a service Quick; That is, they look for good customer service.

We must always try to offer a good service or customer service, in this way, we will “fidelizaremos”, that is, we will gain your preference and trust, and also, we will achieve that most probably recommend us.

Good customer service must be present in all aspects of the business where there is interaction with the customer, and must be practiced by all workers.

Constant training

We and our workers must constantly train ourselves, not only in order to be more and more competent, but also to keep abreast of new developments, new technologies, new techniques or business tools, etc.

We must always improve our business skills, and be up to date and up to date with the new changes.

Productivity Culture

Having a culture of productivity means that we and our workers are constantly looking for ways to grow the business, for example, always looking for ways to improve processes, make them faster, improve quality, reduce costs, Take advantage of the capacity that we are not using, etc.

In short, creating a culture of productivity is to make all those who integrate the company, have the commitment to always look for the way that it grows and is better every day.

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