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canada goose I am aware that many factors influence the success of an entrepreneur. It requires a high dose of discipline, persistence and constancy to reach the top financial. A definite plan and a lot of passion also play an important role.

celine handbags canada goose buy it However, there are 10 factors that high-impact entrepreneurs have in common. Today I want to share them with you … Before I tell you a very important point … reading them is not enough. The results are directly proportional to the size of your actions, not your intentions.

readme I present to you the 10 commandments of financial success. Take your time to read, study and implement these 10 fundamental principles in your development as an entrepreneur. Remember that by investing in your mind, you will be making the biggest business of your life.

First commandment: You will sacrifice a few years doing what others are not willing to do and you will enjoy the rest your life as others will never be able to.

Second commandment: It is forbidden to surrender. It is impossible to defeat a person who NEVER BEATS. Only a mediocre, they give up in times of crisis. Find the form, not the excuse.

Third Commandment: You will work intelligently with your resources. Financial success is achieved by working smart, not hard. Keep in mind that money is not earned by working, it is earned by thinking. If you win by working, those who work from 8 to 5 would be millionaires.

celine handbags Fourth commandment: You will put the money to work for you. The more you work the money for yourself, the less you have to work. If you do not use leverage in your favor, someone with more financial intelligence than you, will use it against you. Make money your slave and stop being a slave to money.

Fifth commandment: You will always follow your passions … follow your dream. Find a business that you are passionate about and you will never have to work on your life again.

Sixth commandment: Your mind will be your greatest asset. Everything that the mind of man can conceive, can achieve. What goes through your mind, passes through your life. What you think, you will be. What you feel, you will attract. Whatever you imagine, you will create it.

Seventh Commandment: You do not need to be great to begin with, but you need to start to be great. Remember that great successes have small beginnings. Think globally, act locally.

Eighth commandment: Your results will be directly proportional to the habits you practice. The person you will be in 5 years will be based on the books you read, your habits and the people that surround you today. In conclusion habits are those small actions, which make a big difference. The most important habit of all is that of financial self-education.

Ninth commandment: You will not put a roof on your income. Do not lower your dreams to the level of your portfolio … raise your portfolio to the level of your dreams.

Tenth commandment: If you are good at something do not do it for free. Knowledge is money and money leads to wealth. The experience will make you understand that free things do not value the customer … in fact if it is done for free, it is not customer. You can start with low prices on what your client portfolio increases. If you are really good in your sector, the money will not lack you and the clients therefore neither.

In conclusion: You have the potential to change the world with your idea … everyone has a million dollars in the head, we just have to find a way to extract it. If you want to be a Millionaire … think of something that benefits millions. Do not go after the money, go behind transforming people’s lives with your idea.

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