Donald Trump used to say that success is harder to maintain than to achieve. And we must never forget that what brings us to the summit, is precisely what keeps us in it. This is a very basic principle that, as we explained in our article “The weight of success”, some people forget.
The first rule of success is very obvious. In fact, there is no successful person in business without it. We talk about…

1. Discipline.

The same attitude must be maintained both in good times and in bad times. If every day you do what you know how to do, in the best way you know how to do it, and you continue to learn and improve every day, you will always have good results. Good spins will continue and bad spells will become shorter.

We must be disciplined, first and foremost, in our attitude of moving forward no matter what happens. Long vacations, alcohol and drugs are among the most damaging things that exist for discipline. In addition, it makes us lose focus and does not help us when making good decisions.

These substances have managed to end the effort of promising professions and successful careers, as well as great economic empires.

2. Be honest.

What is good, is fine even if no one does. What is wrong is wrong although everyone does. Even if you live in an increasingly dishonest world, always be honest.

I used to say a person of the few who admired and respected that “a person has only two things: his word and honor. If you lose either of these two things, you stop being a person, and you become shit.”

If you have to cheat someone to win money, it is not worth it. In business, your person and reputation is worth more than any amount of money you can get in this way. In the long run, people who do not fly straight, end up losing everything or not being able to enjoy it.

As I always say at this point, make sure that tomorrow you can explain to your children without lying and without shame how you succeeded. Success begins with trust. If people do not trust you, you do not succeed. If once you reach success, you stop being honest and you gain distrust, your success collapses.

And at this point, in business, we must know how to surround ourselves with honest people as well.

3. On your own you can not.

No one gets anything of value and lasting without help. To succeed in business you need to collaborate with others and delegate.

You are not smart enough to know everything or be an expert in five different areas, but you can collaborate with people who have the knowledge you need. Look for the best in your field, people who are honest and trustworthy. And once you have them, remember what Steve Jobs said: “It’s no use hiring smart people if you tell them what to do next.”

Maybe it’s the best example we can put, because even though people remember Jobs as a lonely guy and a few friends, the truth is that Apple is where he is thanks to that Jobs worked with the best, with people who were able To capture the vision of a man in a product.

Trump and Richard Branson are examples of how you can grow in business by putting professional and trustworthy people – also called generals – in key positions for you to take care of business affairs as you would yourself.

And if in your beginnings you have a mentor, the road to success can be made easier.

And once you reach success, do not forget the people who helped you get there. Nor were those who were with you when it was all doubts and uncertainty about the future. When you forget where you come from, you lose track of where you are going.

4. Reconciliation of personal and work life.

There is a fine line separating hard work and being a neurotic who thinks only of work. We have to be flexible with our time. While discipline in business requires having a programmed schedule to not waste too much time, we must also devote those hours to what really matters.

And we can temporarily lock ourselves into a project and neglect friends and family (only temporarily), but then we have to return to reality, or else we can forget why we are struggling and what is really important.

Within our discipline we must include disconnecting from work. In this way, we avoid emotional exhaustion.

5. Contribute to society.

Whatever you do, be sure to contribute and reciprocate to others. As Richard Branson said, a business that only makes money, is a bad business. A person who remembers him just for having amassed a lot of money without knowing what that person did for the people and for the world, does not have much legacy to leave.

That’s why when I see criticisms of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Amancio Ortega … I can not understand what part the “critics” of what these billionaires have done for society have not understood.

His fortune is simply the reward of his contribution to society.

Creating value, creating jobs, helping others to prosper, teaching, etc … helping others, in one way or another, brings a fullness that does not usually resemble anything you have achieved before – This was said by Arnold Schwarzenegger in “his rules to achieve success”.

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