For a company to achieve its objectives and its group of employees to develop the work in the most efficient way has been created what we know today as business administration. Thanks to it our business will have the necessary capacity to be able to reach all those goals that are proposed.


To achieve these goals, we have specialized figures in this task, such as the profiles of managers and directors, or managers of the company itself.

The figure of the manager

If we focus especially on managers, although today in many companies the jobs mentioned above carry out almost the same functions, we can affirm that these require special preparation to be able to effectively exercise the task of being responsible for those activities Carried out by companies to achieve their objectives.

This responsibility translates into carrying out a relationship work and ongoing support with other people, usually also directly responsible for certain sections of the business.

The responsibility of the business administrator

If we turn now to the figure of the administrator, which does not interest much more, we could say that they are the ideal profile to take over completely the management of the company, where they also manage many of the activities that are carried out by employees, arriving Even in specific cases, to contribute themselves.

Depending on the roles and responsibilities of each manager, we can differentiate them into two major groups:

Manager: Has the obligation to direct those activities directly performed by employees.

“Employee” administrators: Those who directly occupy a particular job and don´t have the responsibility to supervise any activity other than their own.
Let us remember that, whatever the special role of the manager, they must be prepared and qualified to be able to take a lot of resources to study, value, select and transform them into powerful values ​​that make the company an effective and useful body .

Their areas of application

There is no specific number of sections or departments in the company that may require the action of an administrator, as it depends directly on the volume, organization and sector to which it is dedicated.

However, we can indicate where it is more usual to have their presence, in fact, these departments that we are going to quote we could say that it is mandatory to count on them, as long as they exist in the company. We speak of the department of production, finance, development, human resources, marketing and capitalization.

Business Manager Functions

We are undoubtedly in front of one of the most interesting professions in the business sector, since the manager’s role depends mainly on his degree of involvement with the company’s operational processes, that is, how much more and better he knows about the activities carried out In their division, greater knowledge will obtain and can better develop their functions.

But, what skills should an administrator have in order to make their role so important within the company? There are many ways to describe the requirements of the administrator profile, each company looks for a specific profile specialized in one or another task. But if we had to make a short summary by grouping some of the most elementary basic skills, we would include the following:

-Elaboration of the budget of expenses.
-Sales prevention.
-Preparation of the organization chart.
-Plan, organize and monitor that the economic objectives of the company are met.
-Relate business objectives to those of the staff.
-Interpretation of the balance sheet.

It is also important to add the necessary qualities in an enterprise administrator, because it is such an important role for an organization, it is necessary that the person in charge have certain special characteristics of which we had already spoken to them in a previous article.

The role of the administrator in a company

As we have seen, with all this information about the profile of the Business Administrator and their functions, we can conclude that their work constitutes one of the fundamental pillars for the success of any company or organization.

No matter the size of the business, you can count on years of experience or be a modest and recently opened business, it is vital to have the knowledge and skills of an administrator if we want it to thrive.

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