Meetings through videoconferencing are increasingly common within our corporate culture. How many times have we attended a meeting in which we spent all morning or afternoon and in a 30 minutes skype well organized would have been solved. It is a very old school the classic meeting around a large wooden table in which more attention is paid to shapes than in the background. The new IT tools facilitate a more real business communication, committed to personal conciliation and also focused on reducing economic costs and energy on the move.

But when a meeting is held from one point to another on the planet, certain rules must be followed to achieve good results and take advantage of the advantages offered by these meetings over face-to-face meetings. By being virtual does not mean that they are informal and the responsibility of all its participants will allow the good results.

That is why we show you in this article 5 tips that will allow you to stop wasting your time and gain in quality of life and labor productivity:

Tips for more productive meetings at a distance

1. Establish the objectives and details of the meeting
In a previous call it is necessary, although it sounds obvious, to establish who, where and when the meeting will take place. Missing 5 minutes at the beginning of the meeting asking if such a person is, or who can locate another is not serious. Also think about the different time slots when citation is done with components from different countries. The email will also indicate the purpose of the meeting and the time allocated to it (30 minutes would be ideal). If you need the support of a document or presentation, these will be sent in advance to save reading time and speak directly about them resolving doubts and drawing conclusions.

As an additional precaution I would add access to the tool online 10 minutes before the start of the meeting, so there will be a time frame in case it is necessary to resolve possible connection failures and not panic.

2. Choose a moderator
It is basic that a director or project manager takes control of the meeting, exposing the points of the day, establishing the speaking shifts and closing matters to advance to the following. The meeting has to have a start time but most importantly, an end time. It is the responsibility of the moderator that the meeting enjoy rhythm and leave no topic untried. It would also be interesting to appoint a secretary to take notes during the communication and record the meeting to resolve any possible doubts.

3. Clear communication
Failure to be face-to-face compels participants to strive to communicate effectively. The language must be direct, without haste, with short phrases without great theoretical ramifications. The gestures are also very important, should not be abrupt and should be concerned as much as possible, the visual contact with the participants. Finally, please avoid writing on the keyboard while participating in the audio. The sound is very uncomfortable for the rest and distracts the attention, fundamental in these meetings.

4. Maximum concentration
Losing eye contact at times promotes distractions among the members of the meeting. Disconnecting the mobile and closing the mail momentarily will help us to focus our mind on what we are dealing with without losing the thread of communication. We must also choose a suitable place to connect, where we do not suffer interruptions and noises that make dialogue difficult.

5. Draw conclusions
Upon completion, a simple document should be sent to all with the agreements that have been made and the different tasks assigned. A clear outline with whom will be responsible for each point and when results should be presented. It is the fundamental thing that has to be clear after an effective meeting and not end with the feeling of not having advanced. If the work is well done, even a person who has not been able to attend the meeting can participate in the project by reading this final document and fulfilling its task.

In short, we know that there are many different work meetings established as a routine in companies that can be improved or simply suspended, so we hope that with these tips you can streamline your day to day and get the maximum benefit to the digital age.

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